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One Day Tour

Wotten Waven Natural Spa Experience

AM:     Sulphur River Tour (3 Hours)

The Hike takes you from the Reception Centre on a short walk through the village, then onto a dirt road on the slope where you have a panoramic view of the hills covered with a variety of trees.  Descending the slope, you will reach the banks of  L’riviere blanc which flows from the slopes of Mount Watt in the Morne Trois Pitons National Park.  As it continues it way down the Roseau Valley along the southern edge, this river eventually joins the Roseau River.   Following the path of the river, pockets of rocks, submerged fumaroles, champagne bubbles, and porous volcanic rocks can be found along the river bed.   The rocks are stained yellow from the sulphur deposit and create natural steam vents from the volcanic mud which is hot and rich with minerals.  The experience is not yet over, you have the choice of enjoying a cold or warm river bath or you can enjoy the natural spas of Wotten Waven. PM:     Lunch at Local Restaurant PM:     Natural Spa Baths of Wotten Waven The community offers several natural spa facilities: Tia’s Bamboo Cottage: This beautiful rainforest garden offers seclusion and privacy. There are two (2) hot pools beside the river and one inside a bamboo hut “carbet”. The restaurant has excellent local cuisine, fresh juices and a special secret rum punch made by Tia. Ti Kwen Glo Cho: A pretty garden leads to the Kabwit waterfall, a mud hot sulphur pool, several bathtubs and a large sulphur pool.  On the way back a variety of farm animals can be seen including wild animals like the agouti and the turtle (tortoise). PM: End of tour Total Cost of Day Tour: US$41 / per person To book your tour Contact Us.

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