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Wotten Waven is the Natural Spa Village of Dominica

Natural sulphur pools & springs can be enjoyed at Tia’s Bamboo Cottages, Ti Kwen Glo Cho and Shangri-La Resort. Each of these properties offers a special service and a wonderful experience in a relaxing ambiance. As you enter the village Tia’s offers private sulphur bath experience in a traditional carbet.   There is a large pool located next to the river. After a hot bath, take time to enjoy the delicacies of the village at Tia’s Restaurant. Heading up the village road, you will find Ti Kwen Glo Chowith its waterfall, mud pool, tubs, sulphur pool and the exotic organic garden.   At the end of the visit, savour the exotic flavor of their local drinks.


The village has a range of small guest houses and bed and breakfasts, restaurants and natural spas. Restaurants

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